Rossari Biotech has emerged as a pioneering force in the Textile Industry. Today it has been recognized as the Industry’s prime Enzyme and Auxiliaries manufacturer. With a wide range of textile enzymes and specialty chemicals, expertise in application and complete technical know how, Rossari today boasts of a large customer base. In an effort to provide Ecofriendly solutions to the Textile Industry, Rossari offers a spectrum of products for textile processing


  1. Desizing – Amylases
  2. Fading/Biopolishing – Cellulases
  3. Bioscouring – Pectinases
  4. Degumming – Proteases
  5. Peroxide Killer – Catalases
  6. Denim bleaching – Laccases
  7. Textile Auxiliaries
  1. Pretreatment
  2. Dyeing
  3. Printing
  4. Finishing

Specialty Chemicals

  1. Antimicrobials
  2. Flame Retardants
  3. Fragrances
  4. Optical brightening agents
  5. Water and Oil repellants
  6. Coning oils & Spin finishes
  7. U V Absorbers
  8. Anti-ozone softeners
  9. Sewing thread lubricants

Coning Oil, lubricant & additives

Finishes for man made fibres and yarn; spinfinishes, coning oils etc. Antistatic coning oils for Nylon/ Polyster texturised yard, sewing/ embroidery thread lubricants.Emulsitiers & oils for fibre spining. Chemicals & additives for the man made fibre industry.


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