Laundry, Cleaning and Hygiene Chemicals

The thriving Hospitality industry encouraged Rossari to make into laundry & allied chemicals. In the year 2008 Rossari started catering to various segments in the Hospitality like laundry, hospitals and Hotel industry. Our aim is to gain sizeable market share in this industry and establish ourselves as an important quality with timely services

Buzil Rossari Pvt Ltd is a Joint Venture between BUZIL-WERK Wagner GmbH & Co. KG and Rossari Biotech Limited and a global solution provider through their innovative cleaning and hygiene products. Buzil is a 107 years old company, Headquartered in Memmingen, Germany and a global solution producer. We are present in 34 countries across Europe, Middle East & India with approximately 25 packing units across locations. Few of our prestigious accounts are Munich Airport, BMW, Audi, Dubai Airport, SAP, Mazda, Lufthansa, Braun, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Krones, Apple Stores, Lulu Mall, Siemens, The BanyanTree, Clark Inn, Hotel Regency, Fatehgarh Hotel Udaipur, Citrus Group, Ruby Hall Clinic, Hyatt-Hyderabad, Westin Hyderabad, Ramada Resorts etc.

We are an Innovation driven company and a leading solution provider of Cleaning and Hygiene to Hospitality, Healthcare, Institutional and Industrial sectors. We provide environment friendly superior products & services to our customers, which exceeds the expectation in Housekeeping, Kitchen & Food Hygiene, Stone, Surface & Floor Care, Disinfection and Specialty Care segments.We are driven by our motto of “Making you more competitive”. We strive to meet our customer’s sustainability goals by saving water, energy, time and operational costs by designing tailor made programs. Periodic Training, Certifications and Educational programs are designed for each target audience so that we can derive maximum productivity. Our global experts on Cleaning and Hygiene along with senior technologists of India are a part of the Training & Educational program which we offer to our customers.

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