Rossari Biotech Limited is a leader in Producing and Marketing of concept Driven chemicals and industrials Bio Product for the Textile and Garment industry.Our greatest assest is our employees.

We Value our people and contribution they make. We encourage and promote our core values, Strive to develop every employee's leadership potential, create a culture in which learning becomes a strategic advantage, offer superior rewards, incentives and Recognition for superior performance and attract, nurture and retain extra ordinary talent.

Product Manager / Sr Product Manager

Job Location:  Mumbai

Job Description:  Conceiving, designing and implementing marketing strategies for achieving budgeted sales and market shares. Responsible for regular field communication, active participant in budgeting process. Responsible for market research at regular intervals, marketing audit of Various promotional strategies. Identify new product opportunities. Supervise product executives and managers and be responsible for their performance.

  1. Desired Profile: 5+ years experience in Vet/Pharma/Biotech in product management.
  2. Qualification: Science Graduate, preferably with BVSc or M.V. Sc or MBA from a reputed B School.

    Compensation Details, 
  3. Salary:  3.00 Lakh to 6.00 Lakh (Indian Rupees) per annum.


Manager – Veterinary Drug Formulation:

 Job Location: Silvassa

 Job Description: In this important professional role, the Manger Formulation Development is involved in developing a wide range of new pharmaceutical dosage forms (solids, liquids, semi-solids, injectables, powders, etc.) and manufacturing processes. Responsibilities include identifying functional excipients and attributes to provide desired drug product performance. This also includes the design and development of clinical formulations and studies that support a robust data registration package.

  1. Desired Profile: - 4 years of Veterinary pharmaceutical industry experience.
  2. Qualified candidates must have strong technical skills and a demonstrated track record of successfully contributing to the development of pharmaceutical dosage forms and/or manufacturing processes for animal or human health.

    Qualification : Opportunities are available for candidates with intermediate to advanced levels of experience. A Bachelors or Masters degree in Pharmacology or Pharmacy is preferred. The candidate will have demonstrated good laboratory skills and a solid understanding of pharmaceutical chemistry/pharmaceutics. This position requires the ability to work well in a highly collaborative environment as well as excellent oral and written communication skills.
  3. Compensation Details, 
  4. Salary:  2.00 Lakh to 4.00 Lakh (Indian Rupees) per annum.


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